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First, a little history. As an undergraduate at University of Wisconsin-Madison, I experienced overwhelming anxiety. Hypnosis appealed to me because I wanted to try something that went beyond more traditional forms of therapy. I completed a course of hypnoanalysis, a hypnosis protocol for treating an array of mental health issues.

I’m happy I tried it because hypnoanalysis changed my life. Some changes were immediate—like the end of my panic attacks and sleepless nights—and some changes manifested over a longer period of time. By the end of my course of hypnoanalysis, I felt balanced, calm, and capable. I was surfing stress and anxiety without even thinking about it. I found the protocol so powerful and fascinating that I decided to get my Master of Social Work and learn how to do hypnoanalysis myself.

my approach & Modalities

I believe that every person’s experience is unique and valuable. As such, I hold you and your experiences with kindness, compassion, and unconditional positive regard. In my practice, you will receive cutting-edge treatment with a solutions-focused emphasis. I use hypnoanalysis, a highly effective, structured protocol to reveal and heal the roots of your problems. I also am trained in traditional talk therapies, specifically Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Transactional Analysis, and Internal Family Systems.

While hypnosis is the most powerful tool for creating long-lasting change, talk therapy is certainly appropriate in some situations—sometimes just talking it out is necessary.

Working together, therapy is a place of healing and growth, and an opportunity for you to find the answers that you have been searching for.


  • Advanced, specialized training in the hypnoanalysis residency program

  • Therapist at University Health Services at UW-Madison working with individuals and groups

  • Youth counselor at Briarpatch Youth Services

  • Communications specialist at the Center for Healthy Minds, a research institute on campus dedicated to studying the neuroscience of well-being

Areas of expertise

  • Undergraduate and graduate students with problems transitioning to college and/or experiencing test and performance anxiety and stress

  • Anxiety

  • Things aren’t clicking

  • Depression or feeling “dead inside”

  • Somatic symptoms such as stomach issues, pain etc.

  • Difficulty feeling grown up and thriving in the adult world

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Trauma

  • Pain management

  • Searching for your “true self”


National Association of Social Workers

American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysis

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